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The Kiwi Outdoor is a New Zealand owned and operated business specialising in outdoor wood fired ovens and accessories.

Based in the green pastures of Waikato we pride ourselves in creating long lasting, versatile and stylish outdoor ovens to fit the needs of our customers worldwide.

Anything that can be cooked in a home oven can be cooked in a Kiwi Outdoor Oven. Meat, seafood, vegetables, breads and baked items are cooked to perfection.


Best birthday present I've ever had!

"When I tell people I have wood fired outdoor oven they all say. "A pizza oven." It's easy to think like that but this oven is so much more than that. While it makes exceptional pizzas, with that delicate smokey flavour and crisp base, it can be used like any domestic oven. I have made cookies, baked cakes, roasts, hamburgers, steaks, bread and even a frittata. Once all the cooking is done you can open the doors and relax around the fire, toast some marshmallows and enjoy the ambience it creates. The oven runs on a small amount of wood and radiates a lovely heat to warm any outdoor area. The best birthday present I've ever had"!
Batten Family - Pauanui
So easy, so fast and so versatile

"Our new pizza oven has transformed entertaining at the Lodge - a wonderful outdoor fire and everyone loves it, guests easy, so fast and so versatile and now part of everyday cooking here."
Websters On Wanaka Lodge - Wanaka
It is built to last

"We are really pleased with the Kiwi Outdoor Oven, it is built to last, easy to use and looks professional. They have provided excellent before and after sales service and would recommend to anyone looking to purchase an Outdoor Oven, that this would be the one"
The Lusty Family - Waiuku
It puts a rational oven to shame

"A great thanks to the team at Kiwi Outdoor Ovens!!! We purchased our wood fired pizza oven from them last year and are amazed as 2 chefs with 15 years experience how well designed and impressive it is. It puts a rational oven to shame....... Keep up the awesome work guys!"
Bexs and Andy - Woodfired Catering